Thank you for being my dear friend. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Thank you for being the first person I fell in love with. Thank you for your random conversations at 12:01 in the morning. Thank you for also locking me out of my locker and making me late to class every day. Thank you for our play fights at our lockers and giving the security guards a work out trying to break them up. Thank you for ripping on my favorite band- because you were right, they’re awful.  Thank you for letting me complain to you even when you were sick of me complaining and then you started complaining about me complaining so much. Thank you for making my high school experience.  Thank you for the memories, through the good and the bad, I will always cherish the moments I spent with you.



     Most importantly, thank you for opening my eyes about the transgender community. Thank you for raising awareness of the issues within the transgender community. Thank you for showing me there needs to be vast improvements within the transgender community. Thank you for making me realize society needs to change. Thank you for making me realize that one person can make a difference. And lastly, thank you for inspiring this project.


    “Wings” is a photography project meant to inspire, raise awareness, and empower the trans community. “Wings” consists of a series of portraits taken by Ashley Alleyne, of the beautiful transmen and transwomen who are changing the world.  The goal of this series is to change the way society perceives the trans community, and to inspire those who are considering transitioning, who are currently transitioning, or those who have transitioned. “Wings” will help slowly change the world- one photograph at a time.